About / Oliver Knight

1 professional I’ve been photographing professionally for over a decade now working mainly with editorial clients in the UK and Europe. A selection of these works can be seen on my other website oliver-knight.com.

Over the years I’ve found that as a working photographer it’s important to dedicate some time annually to concentrate on my own self initiated projects. This new website acts as a showcase for my personal travel photography and video work.

Due to a growing demand for prints of my images I’ve created this website so that it’s possible to purchase both open and limited edition prints directly from the site. If you head over to the prints section you will find all the information you need on the purchasing process.

2 personal I’m a graduate of Camberwell College of the Arts in London where I studied Graphic Design, while I settled on photography as my professional practice I remain interested in the fundamentals and exercise of the design process.
I have designed the layout of all my photographic portfolios myself as well as both my websites, it’s a process I enjoy greatly. Aside from photography (which I will always feel is more of a vocation that a job) I am a keen cyclist, in recent years I’ve come to appreciate this pastime more and more. I’m also a fan of vintage cycling jerseys and have come to acquire more than a few, a collection which will no doubt grow. I also appreciate coming across old political posters, good luck and cats