The Ganga Report | Day 19 | Rishikesh | 285km from Source

I arrived back in Rishikesh and it seemed as though I hadn’t quite yet had the full range of weather.
Since leaving here nine days previously to travel further North I’d found myself contending with blizzards, extreme cold, heavy rain and landslides. Now it was the turn of thunder, lightning and hail
Thankfully the weather did improve over the next few days which was a welcome relief. One piece of news I found out when I got back here was the jeep we left in Jhala was still stuck there nine days later after we had abandoned it. There had been a further ten feet of snow in Jhala since we had managed to escape and a second driver who had tried to get up there to retrieve it was now stuck in Uttarkashi due to road closures (itself under heavy snow).

I had also found out that the day we left Uttarkashi under rain later on had experienced landslides just outside of town ┬áleading to the road being closed. It looked as though I had made it out of both Jhala and Uttarkashi just in time before the weather had closed in and extended my stay. I was glad to be back in Rishikesh and was well aware that I’d been pushing my luck.

I’ve spent the time since taking a few days off and also catching up with posts and updates (as you might have noticed). One thing I’m coming to remember all too well is that internet speeds in India are SLOW, can be painstaking at times. But sharing my images is of course an important part of this process which I’m enthusiastic to do. It’s just been the case that I’ve been up in the North shooting a lot of places and the lack of internet up in the mountains has led to the slight backlog. All up to date now though, looking forward to getting rolling again.

Here is a map showing my progress and destinations visited through Uttarakhand so far, next stop Hardiwar….